Due the success of the spring programme of webinars I ran in the 2020, I am releasing dates for a re-run of the programme of four webinars for 2021.

The cost of each is £15.

See below for more details but here is a quick overview:

3rd February 21 Pricing with confidence

3rd March 21 Questioning and Listening

7th April 21 Business Planning

5th May 21 Management Information


I have developed online versions of my successful one day workshops, which you can take part in from the comfort of your own home.

The cost of each is £99 plus VAT.

You can find out more about the content of each of the workshops below. The new batch of 2021 dates are:

17th February 2021 How to be self employed

24th March 2021 How to build a management accounting business

28th April 2021 How to build a management accounting business - advanced

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I was very happy this year to be asked to talk at the (virtual) CIMA MiPs Conference. This year there was a day especially for new MiPs so I was able to help MiPs get on the right path from the outset. Here is a snippet:



Workshops and Webinars

If you are looking for a workshop where you can interact with other members in practice our day workshops may well be for you. Alternatively we also have online workshops which you can attend from the comfort of your own home/office. Finally, I have developed one our webinars which cover some of the key issues for MiPs. Whichever type of learning you choose you can be assured that you will come away with a clearer picture of what you need to do to make your business more successful.

Some words from Catherine who came along to my Bristol Workshop:


Traditional Day Workshops

I am passionate about helping accountants in practice build the businesses they want - and deserve. My day workshops are designed to cover key issues you may be facing in your business in a helpful, practical and safe environment.

The workshops are priced at £199 incl. VAT

Due to the current lock down restrictions my day workshop programme is suspended until further notice.

New Online Workshops

During the Coronavirus lock down I have had to adapt the service I offer MiPs and so have started to run online workshops. They contained the same material as the day workshops and the concept was successfully piloted in April 20. I have realised that this format may well form the backbone of future programmes, as it allows participants to join in from anywhere in the country.

I will be running online workshops covering all four of the day workshops. Once I have four or more MiPs interested in any one workshop I will organise with those MiPs the most convenient date and time.

Online workshops are four hours long and cost £99 plus VAT

To register your interest in an online workshop so I am more likely to run when it suits you …

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How to be Self Employed How to Build a Management Accounting Business How to Build a Management Accounting Business - Advanced How to Have Fun with Sales and Marketing

Fiona is absolutely, The Go-To Expert, in this field. She has the ability to take any seemingly complicated concept, break it down and communicate it in a way that everyone understands. She is an exceptionally entertaining presenter who focuses on adding real value to her audience. Not only in the key agenda areas but in the soundbites and the way she shares years of very valuable experiences all in one course.

Thank you so much, Fiona. Absolutely delighted that I attended your courses and I am so excited now about the future of my company.

- Jonathan Brigain

A snippet from one of my Bristol Workshops:


If you like your E learning in smaller, regular chunks our brand new webinar programme could be just what you are looking for. It is built around the key issues that I have seen effect accountants in practice.

Each of the webinars costs £15 incl. VAT


Questioning and Listening Establishing the Right Management Information with Clients Pricing with Confidence Creating a Business Plan with Clients - and for Yourself

Just attended this seminar and thank you. I am starting to feel more confident about the whole go it alone MiP side. This has made me understand how to achieve the pricing strategy. Now to work out how to build my business whilst still being employed.

- Claire Gardiner about the first webinar on Feb 5th 2020 Pricing with Confidence

Your webinars should be essential viewing for all MIPs. They have really helped me to take stock of my key attributes and how I can help my clients better. Thank you.

- Jon Wood

Future Workshops

"I attended Fiona's How To Be a Management Accountant workshop in November. I've been a MiP for 10 years & established a successful compliance practice, but have never been able to find those clients willing to see the benefits of a Virtual FD service, or more regular management reporting - thus my reason for attending Fiona's course. I can honestly say I'm glad I did - it's the best decision I have made in a long time. The day flew by! I must say I didn't imagine it would be so enjoyable or entertaining - Fiona's delivery was both amusing & extremely informative. With Fiona's help, I have come away with a clear action plan, which I started to implement the next day. If you want to find out how Fiona can give you the confidence, inspiration & the tools to build your own Management Accounting practice then BOOK THIS COURSE NOW!"

- Brian Traynor

"Fiona was clear, approachable and encouraging. I have left the workshop with a list of realistic actions and more confidence in achieving my goals."

- Judith Morris

Workshop programme

For the moment I am only running online workshops. They have all the great material included in the day workshops and you can do them from your own office. Places are limited.

How to be self employed

17th February 2021, ONLINE Book How to be Self Employed Workshop

17th February 2021

How to build a management accounting business

24th March 2021, ONLINE Book Management Accounting Business Workshop

24th March 2021

How to build a management accounting business - Advanced

28th April 2021, ONLINE  Book Advanced Management Accounting Business Workshop

28th April 2021


Below are dates of some future webinars I am running. I look forward to seeing you at one of them.


Webinar - Pricing with Confidence


Webinar - Questioning and Listening


Webinar - Creating a Business Plan with Clients - and for Yourself


Webinar - Establishing the Right Management Information with Clients

Handbooks and Newsletters

I have long felt that CIMA Members in Practice need some extra guidance in setting up their businesses so they can have the type of success they are entitled to – and through their CIMA training have earned. To help address this issue I have written a series of handbooks specifically for MiPs. Enjoy!

How to be Self Employed

How to be a Management Accountant

How to Keep Your Eye on the Prize

How to Make Selling Fun

How to Make Marketing Fun


I write monthly newsletters for clients and MiPs. Click on the newsletter picture to get online copies, but if you would like be on my mailing list and receive one through the post (they come in a snazzy red envelope!) just let me know.

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My handbooks take the lessons learned by me over my 15+ years in practice and collate them into an easy to read format. Each chapter finishes with action points so that by the end of the book the reader has a blueprint to follow. The books I have written with Trevor Lever combine his expertise in marketing and sales effectiveness with my experiences as a MiP. Together we hope we have covered the core things every MiP should know about engaging customers.

"Thanks to Fiona Bevan - I've read your book 'How to be a management accountant' already. If I had read it when I set up my business I would have a very different business today. (Where's that time machine....)

I found it really useful and it has reinforced the need to align my strategic partners. There are some really good tips on pricing and your description of what a management accountant is most useful. I will be referring to the book frequently as part of my business development. I went down the route of doing everything and it's not the smartest move. Thankfully I'm getting there. Your book will be a big help to those starting out (as well as every other Practicing MiP!)"

- Lorraine Ellison


I offer a tailormade mentoring service based on what YOU need help with. Skype or FaceTime can be great tools for this so we can have sessions as frequently as you like. You may find the issues below ring bells with you and give you some ideas of the types of areas you need help with.

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Fiona has been a great support over the last year mentoring me as I've been establishing my Management Accounting business. Her support has kept me focused on the work I want to do, ensure I'm charging the right prices and keeping momentum to keep going. My confidence and income levels have increased significantly. The insights she brings having walked this path herself are invaluable and I'd highly recommend other MiPs to seek out Fiona's support.

- Laura Cumming

Fiona's help and support has been invaluable while I have been growing my business. She has helped bring clarity and focus while always being positive. I would recommend that ALL new MiPs speak to Fiona!

- John Coyne

MiP Thoughts

Musings on Being a MiP

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Getting Back on the Horse

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Time for a plan?

So, 2021 is with us and, to be frank, looks pretty much the same as 2020. Restrictions are continuing and it looks like they will be with us for the foreseeable future. For us MiPs I think 2020 was a bit of a mixed bag. Some of us started the year with a wide network […]

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So why would you work with me?

I am a CIMA MiP just like you.

For nearly 20 years I have built my business by providing management accountancy/Virtual FD services to small and medium sized businesses in deepest Somerset.

I was co-chair of the 2013, and chair of the 2014, MiP annual conferences at Heythrop park, am a practising certificate assessor and am involved with the South West Area MiP Group. I have been a speaker at various MiP conference and local area events.

In short I am passionate about helping MiPs to succeed, in the fastest and easiest way possible, through personal experience.

I have made mistakes over the years, and learned from them.