Fiona Bevan

It’s the little things

With our world turned upside down, little things can make a big difference to those around us. It is easy to become so absorbed in our own lives that the we forget to spare a thought for others. However, a positive to come out of the Coronavirus lockdown has been an increased sense of community. […]

Are you authentic?

I have been thinking quite a bit about authenticity recently. I have been to a couple of tribute band gigs over the last couple of months – Bjorn Again, T Rextasy and Fleetwood Bac. They were all excellent and certainly knew the material of the iconic bands they were imitating. But, at the end of […]

Need a little help?

We often need a little help to set our businesses on the right track – especially when we are going through a tough period or a period of change. This applies to accountants just as much as to other business owners and that is why I am running a series of webinars aimed specifically at […]

It’s an uncertain world out there

With all the uncertainties businesses are facing, how can we make our businesses more resilient?With all the uncertainties businesses are facing, how can we make our businesses more resilient? I think the few years are going to be the least predictable, and most uncertain, since I started my business. None of us know how Brexit […]

Will 2020 be YOUR year?

It’s that time of year when we come up with fantastic ideas and resolutions for the year ahead. Unfortunately, these ideas and resolutions, which seemed so fantastic in 2019, will have been forgotten very early on in 2020 The reason for this is that we tend to come up with woolly, general thoughts rather than […]

What have you learnt lately?

As a CIMA MiP you are a professional who is required to do a certain amount of continuing personal development (CPD) and so you will be used to going along to regular training sessions. Sometimes they can be a bit of a drudge because they are generally all about updating our knowledge rather than gaining […]

It pays to be brave!

You may have picked up, if we are connected on LinkedIn, that I ran a successful Webinar for CIMA in October. I have never done a webinar before and so I was quite nervous about the whole thing. Not only because the participants could see me but I could not see them, but also because I […]

Is time your problem?

Time management is something many people struggle with and we MiPs are no different. Part of the problem I think is with this concept of ‘time management’. We actually cannot manage time at all – it carries on regardless of anything we mere mortals do. We cannot ‘create’ time or make it stand still whilst […]

Remember the days

This time last year I was inspired by the youngsters who were just getting their GCSE and A’ level results. This year I am taking you back to when you got your first job. The reason for this direction of reflection is that my eldest son has finally become a fully, tax-paying, contributing part of […]

It’s tough out there!

When we start out as MiPs we are full of confidence and excited about the challenges ahead. After all we have a great qualification; most of us have extensive experience of business after a fair few years working in industry; and we know that all businesses need robust financial information to be successful – so […]