Time for a plan?

So, 2021 is with us and, to be frank, looks pretty much the same as 2020. Restrictions are continuing and it looks like they will be with us for the foreseeable future.

For us MiPs I think 2020 was a bit of a mixed bag.

Some of us started the year with a wide network of contacts and so referrals continued to roll in. For others, especially new MiPs 2020 has been a real struggle. How can you find new customers when you aren’t able to get out and about to meet them?

Even some MiPs who have been in business for several years have found their businesses suffer due to lockdown restrictions.

But I think dealing with these uncertain times can force us to become clearer on what we want our businesses to be and who we want to be working for. After all, why have the stresses of working within our own business, but none of the advantages of choosing who you work for and what you do for them?

The big advantage of having a real sense of purpose is that it is a lot easier to tell the world what the purpose of your business is.

If you are still don’t have a business plan for your business with a clear idea of who your perfect customers are I really urge you to put the effort into putting together your plan. Give yourself the best chance of building the business you want and deserve.

Once you have a plan you may identify areas where you need to up-skill or get extra support for your business – there are so many online courses out there that you will probably find what you need from your own living room!

In the meantime I hope you enjoy this lovely piccie taken by my hubby Jeff or the starlings creating a murmuration in the shape of a starling!