Conferences Rock!

I thought as the CIMA MiP conference has just finished it would be a good time to revisit the theme of professional conferences.

I have been to the Members in Practise conference for years and have always got key benefits from going:

  1. The conference is excellent for CPD, which as a professional management accountant, is vital. Although I don’t do tax or compliance myself I do need enough knowledge to help point clients in the right direction and conference is a good place to top up my knowledge.
  2. As well as specific CPD on accountancy issues we also have great key note speakers who motivate me to have the best business I can.
  3. Finally on the CPD front, sales and marketing is always a challenge for MiPs and we have great workshops on how to get our messages across.
  4. For me, though, conference is about much more than just getting CPD. Because conference is full of like-minded individuals it is a great place to build relationships, which can carry me through the year. Working on our own can be a lonely place and these relationships help me to keep a balanced view of my world.
  5. And let’s not forget the gala dinner, disco, and the ‘craic’ at the bar! We have such a good time and, as I don’t get out very often, it is one of the few evenings in the year when I feel like a grown up!

I am really excited about what I learned from this year’s conference.

As MiPs though it is worth remembering that the majority of the conference organising is done by the MiP volunteers on the Panel. They have their own businesses to run and take a substantial time out of them to ensure each year’s conference is a great event.

Organisation includes:

  • Organising speakers
  • Getting sponsors on board
  • Ensuring we all know about it through marketing
  • Liaising with the venue to make sure everything goes well on the day.

So. if you have any complaints, be constructive. If there is something that is just a little irritant don’t make a big deal out of it, but if there is something you could help to make better next time round why not offer your help?

If you are cogitating about whether to go to your next year’s conference (especially if you have not gone before) my advice is ‘give it a go’. You will probably get much more out of it than you ever imagined!

Fiona 🙂