What are your hidden talents?

Over the years we build up layers of experience and learning, in our case based on our CIMA qualification, and this experience and learning helps us to be good at what we do. Many of the skills we acquire we are barely conscious that we have, because they are so ingrained in who we have become. However, they are often the skills that our clients most value.

Over the last few months I have had the privilege of spending some quality time with some great CIMA members in practice whilst running my workshops.

It got me thinking about what makes us as CIMA MiPs so great. The particularly important talents we have are not ones learned through doing the CIMA qualification, but are as a result of the journey that took us down the CIMA route in the first place and have continued since.

So what are these magic talents:

1. Curiosity. We want to know what makes our clients tick. Curiosity may have killed the cat but it certainly makes for a much more effective professional!
2. We care. Curiosity leads us to get closer to our clients and their businesses, which means that we care deeply what happens to them. This means clients know they are in hands that will only do the best for them – even if tough love is sometimes required.
3. We want to enlighten and share. We know that we are of best value to clients if they have a clarity and understanding of their business’s financial situation. Unlike some other accountants who think they weaken their own position with clients if they explain what the numbers mean.

Unsurprisingly most of the MiPs in the workshops had not really noticed that they had these skills, nor recognised their value. Instead they concentrated on just their accountancy skills when talking to prospects.

Hopefully the workshop helped them to see the full range of skills they have to offer.
Perhaps it’s worth taking time to think more about your own ‘hidden’ skills!

Fiona 🙂